VDA Certified AdBlue®

Does VDA Certification Matter?

The authority body that governs and issues AdBlue® licenses is called Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V. (let’s call it VDA. It’s easier). AdBlue® is a registered trademark of VDA and only licensees and their trading partners are allowed to use the term “AdBlue®”. 

VDA conducts audits to ensure its licensees meet the strict requirements to not only produce a quality product that meets ISO 22241, but it is also a requirement that every AdBlue® batch made is laboratory tested using authorised VDA test methods.
The end results is a premium product that provides peace of mind and made the way your vehicle manufacturer intended.


  • Licensees must meet VDA strict requirements to produce AdBlue®.
  • Every batch made is laboratory tested.
  • Product that performs as intended and won’t damage your vehicles exhaust system.

Low quality copy of certificate displayed to avoid unauthorised replication. Licenced AdBlue suppliers can produce a VDA Certificate.

Who Is Using VDA AdBlue®?

We are not the only one that thinks VDA certification is relevant. Even retailers understand the importance.

While we are not associated with them in any way, it is comforting to know that VDA certified AdBlue® is the recognised industry standard which customers can trust.

Quality Assurance

Pride in our Process for Purity

We don’t make oil, lube, grease or fuel. We just have one focus and that is making quality, VDA certified AdBlue®.

AdBlue® must be made in accordance to ISO 22241 standard. At Go Blue, we like to exceed the standard by going above and beyond, ensuring we pass our independent tests with flying colours for each and every batch we make.

Our AdBlue® is made up of the purest urea and deionised water, the only two ingredients that should ever be found in the recipe.
We searched high and low and have gotten our hand on one of the world’s highest quality, automotive grade prilled urea.              

To produce to high quality water, we have our fancy 5 step water filtration machine that takes out all the yukky stuff that will otherwise stick to the insides of your exhaust system, similar to the calcification that occurs in your kitchen kettle.
Upon passing the necessary tests, a Certificate of Analysis is generated from the testing laboratory to correspond to the batch of AdBlue® being sold.

We like going that extra mile for your peace of mind.

Low quality, sample certificate displayed to avoid unauthorised replication. Reputable suppliers can produce a Certificate of Analysis for every batch made.

Still Uncertain About Quality?

At Go Blue, we take quality very seriously. That’s why on top of the measures already mentioned, we have a full time Quality Assurance Manager who makes certain we continually meet VDA’s strict guidelines and produce a top quality product, every time. He might not support the right football club but he’s a great guy and happy to chat should any concerns arise regarding the quality of your AdBlue® purchase from Go Blue.