What is AdBlue®?

In order to answer this, let’s set the scene with a short story.


Emission standards have continually tightened across the world over recent years to help reduce pollution. Europe has been on the forefront by setting the pace, introducing the Euro 4 standard in 2005 that was later replaced by Euro 5 in 2009 and Euro 6 released late 2014.


In order to comply with these emission guidelines and create a cleaner exhaust gas, many vehicle manufacturers have fitted their new diesel vehicles with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system that uses a Diesel Exhaust Fluid called AdBlue®.


AdBlue® is a light, almost colourless solution made of urea and deionised water. When injected into the exhaust, it transforms the Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) fumes, converting it into harmless water vapours (H2O) and Nitrogen (N2) which already exists in the air we breathe.

How Does AdBlue® Work?

For those that like a little more detail

AdBlue® is stored in a separate tank to your diesel tank. A sensor located in your exhaust system accurately measures the amount of AdBlue® to be injected into your SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system via a computer to ensure the exhaust gases are safely converted into nitrogen and water.

This combustion process occurs during the normal driving of your truck, passenger car or any diesel powered engine fitted with the SCR system.

Benefits of SCR using AdBlue®

  • Optimized combustion
     No power draw to cool down exhaust gas.
  • Better fuel efficiency and power
     No fuel used for active regeneration or to boost SCR performance.
  • Less wear on the engine
     Longer oil change intervals since very few particulates are produced by the engine.            

Technical Product Specifications

For those that like a lot more detail

32.5% Automotive Urea

Being VDA licenced, we guarantee to use automotive grade urea. Don’t settle for agricultural grade urea when using AdBlue® in automotive vehicles.

67.5% DI Water

Being VDA licenced, we guarantee that only deionised water is used.

5 Step Water Filtration

We use a Sand Filter, Carbon Filter, 5 Micron Cartridge, Reverse Osmosis and a Mixed Bed Resin Ion Exchange. We like to go that extra mile for your peace of mind.

Sealed For Your Use 

You would not buy an open bottle of milk. Same goes for AdBlue®. Our product is sealed to preserve quality, guaranteeing purity for your use.


While safe to handle, it can corrode some metals over time (Analogy example: sea water is safe to handle but can cause rust to cars over time). 


Keep AdBlue® in it’s original container, out of direct sunlight and between 0°C and 30°C.


AdBlue® is classified as
  * Non Hazardous Substance
  * Non Dangerous Goods
  * Non Flammable
  * Non Toxic 

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) 

For those that want more in depth reading, click to download our MSDS.